How Data Export can save from delivery nightmare?

One of our customers was in the business of locally delivering fresh produce. This required that the orders were sent to the right person, at the time with the right quantity. By using Microsoft Excel, the customer was facing problems of wrong deliveries to the wrong person. When the handful of daily orders grew to nearly 50 a day, the errors increased causing lot of upset customers.

When the customer reached out to us, we worked with them to setup a free report and tested it. Once the data and delivery was tested, it was launched on their store.

Now they use our reports daily. First thing the morning, the fulfillment manager gets the orders for the day in her email. She then sends the requirements to the produce manager for preparation and the produce is out for delivery.

Data export not only saves time but also stopped the errors that frustrated customers. Contact us if you are still figuring out formulas in excel and cannot fix manual errors in reporting.


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