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Welcome to the blog of Estore Automate. This blog will cover tips and tricks to efficiently run an ecommerce store. We will profile resourceful merchants who are using limited resources called time and money to manage operations.

When we first started our own online store, we were overwhelmed by the amount of work that was required right from sourcing, fulfillment to managing inventory. Lot of times, the software tools available in the market required us to spend lot of money on features that we will not use. The other option was to build our own software which cost money and needed maintenance.

When we started Estore automate, we wanted to equip ecommerce merchants with software that will free time to grow their business. The last thing they need to worry is to figure out Microsoft Excel or manually check orders for fulfillment.

So we will provide tools that meet your requirement and get the job done. At the same time, our software will work with major ecommerce platforms and carts. Finally, these software tools will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Please contact us if you have any pain with managing your store which could be automated with a software.


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