Here is how Shopify Owners are using Data Export:

1. Clothing stores – To capture the specific order information like size, color, inseam, length and other custom needs.
2. Drop shippers – To send scheduled data feeds that meet manufacturer’s format.
Gourmet Food – Provide delivery items, time and address directly to local delivery staff.
3. Sports equipment stores – Sales tax reports to accountants based on customer location.
4. Pop-up Stores – Commission payout calculation to vendors based on weekly sales.
5. Custom Tee-shirt – Send custom order reports to fulfillment team.
POS Reports – Specific reports for retailers using Shopify POS.
6. Data from other Apps – Data Export will retrieve data (Metafields and Cart attributes) that are stored from other Shopify apps.

For example, if you are using a delivery app, Data Export can retrieve delivery date and time from the delivery app.

If you are on Shopify Plus plan, our experts can provide deeper insights into your data through custom analytics.

Save time and money using Data Export!!

Set-up reports and schedule them using our user friendly set-up process.

1) Create reports from all the data available (product, sales, marketing, accounting, tax) in Shopify. You can also create custom reports that will meet your specific requirements. You can create new calculations based on specific conditions.

2) You can run the reports at specific times. We have a scheduler that shows the upcoming reports and the status of each report.

3) You can send the data to anyone – from your accountant, marketing agency, order fulfillment team, drop shipper to your business partner. You can also check the status of the delivery.

Our customer support team will assist you with setting up the reports so that you can focus on growing your store.

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